Champion at the Showcase

Cheryl Champion has been a glass artisan for over 15 years. She started using traditional stained glass techniques and was later introduced to the art of fused glass. Cheryl is self-taught in the art of glass fusing. She spent a lot of time experimenting and developing her talent and over time started creating her own unique designs.


In designing, Cheryl gets most of her inspiration from her surroundings – the sea, the land and nature. Lighthouses, fishing boats, local birds and sea creatures are often the focus of her artistic pieces; the perfect memory of a day in the Maritimes. She often combines traditional stained glass with fused glass to add another design element. And recently added recycled wood framing to some of her pieces for a more rustic look.

Cheryl has a stained glass studio next to her home in Meadowbank and has been operating Paragon Stained Glass Studio since 2008. The business started off teaching the art to hobbyists, selling glass and supplies, and offering custom pieces for sale. In 2013 her husband Rick joined her in the studio and they expanded the business to market a selection of stained and fused glass collectibles, gifts, home décor and tableware to retail gift stores. This year they started selling their products outside of the Atlantic Provinces in various retail gift shops from coast-to-coast.

The Showcase opened in 1965, the year after the Confederation Centre opened, and has enjoyed three locations and a variety of expansions over the years. We are part of Confederation Centre of the Arts, a not-for-profit, charitable organization, with volunteers assisting the gift shop staff. All profits from The Showcase go back to the Centre to support arts programming.

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