Scottish Tapestry Goes Big

A visual art initiative from more than 30 communities around the world celebrating Scottish heritage has arrived at Confederation Centre, including contributions from several Island stitchers, illustrators, and historical societies.


One of the world’s largest community art projects, Scottish Diaspora is a large-scale tapestry made up of hundreds of panels, and five of the panels tell stories about Prince Edward Island’s deep Scottish roots through the ages. The exhibition is now open and shows until October 22, sprawling across the five display cases and beyond in the Centre’s concourse.

Scots have migrated all over the world and have often had a profound impact on the areas where they settled. Organized by Scotland’s Prestourngrange Arts Festival with the support of the P.E.I. Scottish Settlers Historical Society and the Community Cultural Partnership Program, Scottish Diaspora celebrates the influence of Scots worldwide.

The works are presented with support from Bord na Gaidhlig.

According to a representative from the Prestourngrange Arts Festival the result is “a remarkable and heart-felt homage to the determination, courage, and achievement of Scottish migrants and their descendants across the centuries.”

This project brings together stories from more than 30 communities, and 1000 stitchers, including five from P.E.I. These Island stories are: the landing of the Glenalladale Settlers in 1772, the building of a pioneer’s first house; the Scots involved in the Charlottetown Conference and Confederation, A.A. MacDonald and Colonel John Hamilton Gray; ‘Keep The Faith,’ recognizing 300 Catholic Highlanders who arrived in 1772; and a final piece called ‘The Landing.’

Island stitchers Lucille Hogg, Aggi-Rose Reddin, Dr Heather Keizer, Mary J. Gallant, and Anita Gordon started the process of stitching and bringing to life these works in August 2013 while stitchers in two dozen other Scots communities around the world also set to work creating their own images. The tapestry was assembled and unveiled in Scotland before beginning its global tour.


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