When Fake News Does Fake

With razor wit and perfect aim at all things Canadiana and public radio-y, CBC’s This is That has caught the ears of thousands of Canadians, turning the satirical news show into a national icon in its own right. Now in honour of Confederation’s 150th anniversary, the satirical comedy team is hitting the road with dates from coast to coast, hitting the Homburg Theatre at Confederation Centre on April 25 at 7:30 p.m.


In this this on-stage send up of public radio Pat Kelly and Peter Oldring offer audiences an intimate look behind the studio door of CBC’s award winning production. With a healthy mix of character interviews and mockumentary stories, this news duo doesn’t just report the news, they makes it up! “This is parody mirroring the tone and feel of CBC with uncanny accuracy,” claimed a recent review in The Globe and Mail.

When they write and improvise their news segments – which feel like a mix of The Daily Show with a heavy dose of Christopher Guest mockumentary – Kelly, plays a lot of the small-town Canadian characters, while Oldring tends to specialize in more eccentric fringe-arts characters.

The live show will feature lots of the potshots at everyday Canada that the program’s regular listeners appreciate, such as the segment “Canadian entrepreneur finds international success selling firewood for $1,000 per bundle” and “Canadians react to new Hollywood movie claiming Neil Young was born in California.”

Nothing is off limits–politics, business, culture, justice, science; if it is relevant to Canadians, This Is That finds a way to fabricate a story. If you have ever been curious how just two guys provide all the voices for this completely improvised comedy, this is the show for you.

Tickets are available at the Confederation Centre box office or online at confederatiocentre.com. For more, visit cbc.ca/radio/thisisthat.

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