Dance Umbrella Does Rome

dance umbrella “When in Rome”

| The Mack

Presented by dance umbrella’s Senior Musical Theatre class.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do… slip on a toga and charge like a lion into this dazzling musical! Audiences will love the tongue-in-cheek humour Bill Francoeur delightfully weaves into the 10 songs in this side-splitting musical comedy.

The Guild, Watermark Theatre, Harbourfront Theatre, Confederation Centre for the Arts, and Victoria Theatre.




The Dark Side (Note for Note)

SATURDAY, MARCH 16TH, 7:30 PM at the Harbourfront Theatre
All Seats: $48.50 tax & fees included

Jeff Parry Promotions & Greatest Albums Live Present
Performing Dark Side of the Moon & Greatest Hits


Jeff Parry Promotions and Greatest Albums Live (GAL) are back with their next presentation of legendary rock albums brought to life on stage. Following the great reception of Led Zeppelin IV and AC/DC’s Back in Black, GAL brings you an all new show featuring the talents of The Pink Floyd Experience.

GAL will tackle their eighth studio album, Dark Side of the Moon, released on 1 March 1973. It built on ideas explored in Pink Floyd’s earlier recordings and performances. In addition to Dark Side of the Moon, all of Pink Floyd’s greatest hits are performed live, including favorites like ‘Have a Cigar’, ‘Learning To Fly’, ‘Comfortable Numb’, ‘Run Like Hell’ and many rarities not often heard live. Without question, Pink Floyd remains one of the most influential rock bands of all time.

You memorized the records, you know the songs, now experience them in this unique concert experience LIVE… ONE NIGHT, FRONT TO BACK from our world-class band. Led by PFX’s frontman Tom Quinn, along with six outstanding musicians, PFX’s heartfelt and passionate recreation of Dark Side of the Moon will not disappoint.

Every note has been poured over with excruciating detail, no riff left un-played, no sound left uncaptured. Celebrate some of the greatest rock and roll songs ever written and don’t miss this unique and unforgettable concert experience!

The Guild, Watermark Theatre, Harbourfront Theatre, Confederation Centre for the Arts, and Victoria Theatre.




A New Look at Green Gables

As part of efforts to be a more accessible space, Confederation Centre of the Arts is pleased to announce that it will be presenting two Relaxed Performances at The Charlottetown Festival this summer.


With the support of the Autism Society of Prince Edward Island, the Centre is working with its Festival production team to make two selected performances of Anne of Green Gables—The Musical™ more accessible.

Sometimes referred to as sensory-friendly experiences, this initiative gives the opportunity for those with various sensitivities towards sensory stimuli to experience and enjoy live theatre. The Centre also recently conducted an accessibility audit, with input from Autism P.E.I. and some of its members.

“Providing relaxed performances is one of the ways Confederation Centre is being more inclusive,” offers Steve Bellamy, CEO of the Centre. “Not everyone experiences visual and auditory stimuli or public spaces the same way. With a few adjustments to the intensity of light, sound, and theatre protocols, we can ensure that even more people have the opportunity to comfortably share in the experience of this iconic story.”

These performances, offered on Monday July 8 and Monday August 19, will be designed in a way to be more comfortable for audience members who may experience anxiety or are not comfortable with some aspects of a traditional theatre setting. This can include: people on the Autism Spectrum and their families; those with sensory and communicative disorders or learning disabilities; people with Tourette’s syndrome; someone who might need to move often due to chronic pain or to use the facilities; or even parents with toddlers.

Patrons will be able to move about the theatre more than usual, as well as leave the theatre at any time should they require a break (and re-enter if they feel ready to do so);

A special ‘calm zone’ will be set up as an option for patrons to head to relax in mid-performance, away from the busy lobby or theatre;

Noises and talking will also be allowed in the house – patrons should not expect a silent audience experience, and;

The use of support technology (tablets and phones) will be relaxed as well.

A special trial run of a relaxed performance will be offered for patrons and patron’s family members to explore if this theatre experience is a good for them. Prospective patrons, family members, or other interested parties can send questions to Sarah Denman-Wood at the Centre, at or (902) 629-1175.

In September, Confederation Centre of the Arts hosted a three day training course in Relaxed Performance, alongside fellow representatives from Autism P.E.I., Neptune Theatre, the Victoria Playhouse, and more. This training session was led by the British Council, the United Kingdom’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities, who has led these sessions for arts centres everywhere.

The Guild, Watermark Theatre, Harbourfront Theatre, Confederation Centre for the Arts, and Victoria Theatre.


Singing Up a Storm

Cristian de la Luna

| Studio 1

French Programming
Singer-songwriter and human rights activist Cristian de la Luna writes festive Colombian music inspired by the harsh realities of exile from his homeland and adaptation in a new country. After arriving in Québec in the early 2000s, he moved to Edmonton. His songs, performed in French, English and Spanish show, are infused with words of friendship.


The Guild, Watermark Theatre, Harbourfront Theatre, Confederation Centre for the Arts, and Victoria Theatre.


Gaga Golden Girls

Thank You for Being A Friend

| Homburg Theatre

Thank  You  for  Being a  Friend  is the  ultimate  Golden Girls  experience,  delivering all  the  classic dialogue,  razor  sharp gags,  and  taboo-breaking  stories you’d  expect! As  a wonderful  introduction  to the  joy  of the  hit  television series  for  first timers,  it’ll  have the uninitiated  rolling  in the  aisles,  while die-hard  fans  fondly remember  the  brilliance of  The  Golden Girls!

Know the Past Shape the Future

Black History Month Panel Discussion

| Art Gallery

Join us in the Recharge Lounge in the lower east gallery for a panel discussion on Black migration emphasizing “…the movement of people of African descent to new destinations and subsequently to new social realities,” with a specific look at the experiences of the Black community on PEI. From the history of Black Islanders to the present day members of the African diaspora, what are people’s lived experiences here? What are the cornerstones of a healthy, nurturing environment for members of the Black community on PEI? And what is needed for greater inclusion in the broader Island community? Tamara Steele will moderate. Everyone is welcome. FREE!

New Directions New Conductor

PEI Symphony Orchestra Presents: New Directions with Dina Gilbert*

In the third concert of the season, the PEI Symphony will be led by guest conductor Dina Gilbert. Gilbert conducts symphonies and chamber orchestras in Kamloops, Quebec City, and Montreal, and she’ll be leading the PEISO through Zoltán Kodály’s Dances of Galánta, Pierre Wissmer’s Symphony no.1, and Edvard Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite no.1. The concert will also feature this year’s winner of the Suzanne Brenton Award, violinist Judy Yun, performing Mozart’s violin concerto no.5.

A free Pre-Concert Talk will take place upstairs in Zion’s youth chapel before the show, where Gilbert and Yun will share with the audience some personal insights into the performance to follow.

*Please note: This performance is a rental production and discounts offered by Confederation Centre of the Arts are not applicable.

A Clever Fox and the Northern Lights

Book Launch

| Art Gallery

Join author and illustrator Sion Irwin-Childs as he reads from his children’s book Foxfyre, a dramatic tale of adventure set in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. The book tells the story of a courageous cat, a clever fox, majestic horses, dancing chickens, and a goat who was once a man. “Foxfyre is from the story, used in some Scandinavian cultures, about where the northern lights come from,” said Irwin-Childs. All ages are welcome.