Howard’s ‘Healing’ at The Guild

‘The Texture of Healing’ by Emily Howard at The Guild.
We all have energy that we radiate as we walk through life. Places that we consider sacred tend to have a beautiful energetic glow to them. The salted air at the beach, a walk through the woods on a fall day. These places have a way of healing people of everyday worry and anxiety. You simply trade your frazzled state for that of these calm places.
I have found that people can generate this type of healing, calm energy within themselves and in doing that, heal the people around them just by simply being there. What does this healing look like in the air swirling around people? Places?

The Texture of Healing is a story told through paintings. It’s also an offering of an energy exchange when we all need it the most, mid winter. Come and experience the calm.

All paintings can be purchased through donating to Lennon House.

Through March 31st.

PEI Professional Theatre Network


PEI Theatre is the Guild, Harbourfront Theatre,
Confederation Centre for the Arts,
Watermark Theatre, and Victoria Playhouse

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