Up the Pole Down the Pole

Chute Libre is a highly physical performance integrating circus arts, contemporary dance, and the art of parkour. A creation with five artists that plays with risk, trust and gravity, trying to reset the verticality of the body.  This is a show that challenges perspectives, a playground for five acrobats navigating one same space. Imagine contemporary dance, parkour, partnering acrobatics, Chinese pole, aerial hoop, and live music in a 60-minute show.


Five individuals explore their environment, creating their own path interlaced with the others. They develop their unique physical language and challenge the trust relations that emerge between them. Breath, wind, and suspension animate these bodies in movement as well as the raw energy and play that drive them to overcome their limits.=

Artistic direction and choreography: Simon Durocher-Gosselin and Elise Legrand
Artists on stage: Joachim Yensen-Martin, Gabriel Catudal, Marc Benazet, Simon Durocher-Gosselin and Elise Legrand.

How does Pay What You Will work?
You still need a ticket for the show – you can book your seats by visiting our box office, by phone 1.800.565.0278 or online.

You decide the price of your tickets! When you attend the performance, we’ll provide you with an envelope, and will ask you to pay whatever amount you wish (based on your own individual experience) following the show, using cash, credit card or cheque.

PEI Professional Theatre Network


PEI Theatre is the Guild, Harbourfront Theatre,
Confederation Centre for the Arts,
Watermark Theatre, and the Victoria Playhouse

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