Slowing Down the Look


This exhibition presents new work developed from a residency in PEI in 2017. The artist’s photographs and objects investigate the relationship between cultural assumptions and the natural world. Supported by Alberta Foundation of the Arts.

In its infancy, photography was conceived as the harnessing of a distinctly natural process of image-making. It was understood to be a literal impression of light, transcending the cultural history of human-made images. This dream, of “sun pictures” that capture the physical and objective means by which nature is revealed to us, persists in the circulating images that filter our subjective experience of the natural world.

In his photo-based installations, Banff-based artist Tyler Los-Jones collapses these two opposed conceptions of photography in meditations on the specifics of a given environment. In Look slowly and all that moves, that environment is the unstable, shifting context of Prince Edward Island. This exhibition focuses on a combination of Island specific gestures of stability Los-Jones found embodied in lichens, marram grass, and fishing nets, all of which can be read as an analogue to the photographic process,

PEI Professional Theatre Network


PEI Theatre is the Guild, Harbourfront Theatre,
Confederation Centre for the Arts,
Watermark Theatre, and the Victoria Playhouse

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