Crashing Into C-Town

Crash Test Dummies

| Homburg Theatre


Formed in Winnipeg in 1988, Crash Test Dummies (CTD) roared onto the Canadian music landscape with the 1991 release of their debut album The Ghosts That Haunt Me. The rock group scored an international coup with their oddball hit ‘Mmm’ as well as top-charting singles ‘Swimming In Your Ocean’ and ‘Afternoons & Coffeespoons’

Subsequent successful albums cemented CTD’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with. In 1995 alone, the band secured three Grammy Award nominations.


After touring the world for 2010’s Ooh La La, CTD agreed they were done. Said lead singer Dan Roberts, “Everyone was ready to move on in their lives. I didn’t feel I had anything else to say—people had stopped listening to albums. Instead, everything was streaming. People only wanted to listen to one song, and then move on to the next band. I lost interest.”

Recently, however, the frontman has penned some of his most provocative lyrics. “I sat down one night after having written nothing in literally years, and out came a verse—I was rusty! But I stuck with it, until I managed to make it to say what I wanted to say.”

This led to more of the same, and soon Roberts was ready to put words to music. “Things grew organically from there. And here we are again!”

In 2018, the original lineup reunited to honour the 25th anniversary of God Shuffled His Feet. Now, together again for their 2019 tour, the Canadian group will be playing hits from that album, newer material, and fan favourites like ‘Superman’s Song’ and ‘The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead.’

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