Sailing Away with Sleeping Beauty


SUNDAY, DECEMBER 29th, 2:00 PM at the Harbourfront Theatre

Regular tickets: $15.00 (tax & fees included)
Children (12 and under) tickets: $8.00 (taxes & fees included)

The King and Queen plan a huge party to celebrate the birth of the Princess Aurora. But when the Evil Fairy fails to receive an invitation to the birthday celebration, her curse changes everything!  Can they prevent the Princess from pricking her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel? Will the entire Kingdom fall asleep for a hundred years? Will it take a handsome Prince to wake them up or just a rubber chicken? Only DuffleBag Theatre knows for sure in their enchanting adaptation so come and play your part in the story to find out!

Since 1992, The “Nearly World-Famous” DuffleBag Theatre has traveled the globe with their original adaptations of fairy tales and classic stories. With wit and humour for all ages, DuffleBag creates theatrical magic by inviting up audience members as the stars of the show! The result is an exciting, interactive and unique experience for all. It’s no wonder DuffleBag performs over 600 shows annually, at theatres, schools and festivals across North America and beyond!

PEI Professional Theatre Network


PEI Theatre is the Guild, Harbourfront Theatre,
Confederation Centre for the Arts,
Watermark Theatre, and the Victoria Playhouse

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