Aboriginal Awareness Week Dawns


Language is an important component of culture and identity. 


When you are traveling around on your PEI Staycations this summer, look for new signs in the Mi’kmaq language that have been installed in familiar locations across the Island.

· Nemtaqaq (North River)
· Amasisipukwek (Grand River)
· Unikansuk (Portage)
· Kwesoqamkiaq (Panmure Island)
· Pastue’kati (Borden)
· Telisipk (Crapaud)
· Tlaqatik (Tracadie)
· Mta’qanejk (Tignish River)
· Wokwisewey Sipu (Fox River)

PEI Professional Theatre Network


PEI Theatre is the Guild, Harbourfront Theatre,
Confederation Centre for the Arts,
Watermark Theatre, and the Victoria Playhouse

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