More Amazing Tales of the Atlantic

There’s another chance to catch the second episode of The Amazing Tales of the Atlantic: Presented by The Guild!
Mark your calendars for September 28th!
The Guild brings thrills and adventure to the stage this summer! Amazing Tales of the Atlantic is a live radio play anthology series celebrating the unique residents of the Atlantic. It takes the characters in our community we all know and love and puts them in wild scenarios. Each evening of Amazing Tales of the Atlantic will feature three unique stories and every month audiences will be treated to 3 new chapters of the three ever-evolving tales!
Those tales are:
The DDT Detectives – Set in the wrestling heydays of the 1980’s, Crusher Kevin Cormier and Dashing David Doiron are a hard hitting tag team by night and hard drinking super sleuths by slightly later at night. Kevin and David help the helpless and solve mysteries as they travel from town to town thrilling crowds. It’s the Littlest Hobo meets Murder She Wrote meets Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling.
The B’ylight Zone – There’s some friggin’ thing on the hull of the lobster boat! The B’ylight Zone is a show in the style of the Twilight Zone or Black Mirror and puts colorful maritime locations and characters at the centre of all of the freaky deaky scenarios. Each episode is it’s own thrilling self contained story and set of characters.
Anne of the Green Planet – A precocious human orphan named Anne from the planet Nova Nova Scotia is taken in by a brother and sister scientist duo who live on the space station Avonlea, which orbits a mysterious planetoid called P31. Between school and duties in the lab, Anne and her new friend GilBot find themselves in all sorts of scientific adventures.
Entry is $20 at the door, seats can be reserved in advance by contacting The Guild, 111 Queen Street, Charlottetown at (902)620-3333 or by emailing with details.

PEI Professional Theatre Network


PEI Theatre is the Guild, Harbourfront Theatre, Confederation Centre for the Arts, Watermark Theatre, and the Victoria Playhouse

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