Side Hustle in the Flesh

The Guild presents: Side Hustle in the time of Covid-19! They’re back. They’re brilliant. And they’re ready to get the heck out of the house on numerous occasions just to thumb their noses at pandemics, lockdowns and the fact only 50 people can come to each show. That’s why there are two! And maybe more! If you buy tickets, that is… no pressure or anything. Join the collective comedic team as they bulldoze their musical, manic and maniacal way through your suggestions, their hopes and dreams for a better future and all things happy and hopeful while you laugh, judge and probably wish you were as cool as them in two spectacular (not an endorsement) nights of frivolity fed by feral females needing attention and adoration Side. Find them at The Guild February 19th and March 11th. Tickets only $25. And may Side Hustle have mercy on your suggestions.

Theatre PEI


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