New Member on the Board

Confederation Centre of the Arts Welcomes New Board Member

The Fathers of Confederation Buildings Trust, known as Confederation Centre of the Arts, is very pleased to announce the appointment of Esmahan Razavi to its national board of directors.

“Representing Western Canada, Esmahan Razavi brings extensive experience in public policy, communications, and partner engagement, and a passion for community building,” states Robert Sear, chair of the board. “On behalf of Confederation Centre, we are delighted to welcome Esmahan to our national board as we embark on a major growth stage for our memorial complex.”

Razavi is a trained mediator and an associate principal with Champion Communications and Public Relations in Alberta. She carries a wealth of leadership experience, including working on diversity and inclusion initiatives with the Government Relations Institute of Canada and as a public affairs consultant in British Columbia, with clients across all sectors of the B.C. economy, including not-for-profit, natural resources, and the arts.

In 2017, Razavi was selected as one of Canada’s “33 Women of the Year” by Chatelaine magazine, and was a 2019 award recipient for “Arab Women of Excellence in North America”. Flare magazine recognized her as one of 12 Canadian millennial women to guide young women on becoming politically engaged. 

Razavi has served on the boards of a number of organizations at the local and national level, and has co-founded two organizations, including Ask Her—dedicated to increasing the number of women running municipally in Calgary. When she is not working or volunteering, Razavi enjoys spending time with friends and family.

The executive members of Confederation Centre’s board include: Robert Sear, chair; Alex MacBeath, vice-chair; Lori Pendleton, secretary-treasurer; Kateri Coade; Angus Orford; and Margo Thompson. For a complete list of all board members, visit the Centre’s website.

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