Pleasureville on the Horizon

Every small Canadian town needs a SEX SHOP, right? Come to Pleasureville to find out! What’s a city gal to do when she gets dumped, reno-victed, and has zero job prospects? Move to a small town and open a sex shop! Millennial Leah Bowman may have more experience with emojis than running a business, but she’s got a Masters in Human Sexuality, and a mission to destroy the stigma on female pleasure… The problem? Her only customer is a local granny named Rose, who talks her way into a job. Featuring one of the first non-binary characters written for professional Canadian theatre, Pleasureville invites us all to discover our blindspots. Written by Canadian actor/playwright Ellen Denny, this warm comedy is bursting with heart as its characters learn to claim their power and their pleasure. Tickets on sale now at and 902-620-3333.

Theatre PEI


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