Get Ready for Amazing

Amazing Tales of the Atlantic returns to The Guild stage for an encore performance of their most recent tales! Amazing Tales of the Atlantic is a live radio play anthology series celebrating the unique residents of the Atlantic. It takes the kinds of characters in our community we all know and love and puts them in wild scenarios. It features an all star cast of PEI actors and comedians as well as live sound effects that have to be seen AND heard to be believed! Each evening of Amazing Tales of the Atlantic audiences will be treated to 3 chapters of the three ever-evolving tales!Those tales are…The DDT Detectives – “Escape From New Glasgow” – The Fisheries Minister has been kidnapped and only Crusher Kevin Cormier and Dashing David Doiron can find him. The tag-team detectives will need to use their brains and their brawn if they’re going to survive the lawless township of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia! The B’ylight Zone – “Da ‘Ting” – Chaos and paranoia abound when a group of rural veterinarians take in an injured Newfoundland dog. They soon find out that the dog and even their peers may not be what they appear. Anne of the Green Planet – “Robo-Cuth” – After Dr. Matthew Cuthbert dies in a tragic shuttle accident, he reappears on Avonlea Station as a beefy cyborg. Matthew soon takes over as the station’s heavy handed chief of security. Are his motivations his own? Will Anne and the gang be able to stop his tyranny? Entry is $20 at the door, seats can be purchased in advance by visiting The Guild, 111 Queen Street, Charlottetown, at or by calling (902) 620-3333! Past tales are available anytime on our podcast!

Theatre PEI


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