Introducing the VAX Pass

Starting October 5, 2021, Prince Edward Island is introducing the PEI Vax Pass Program. What this means at the Kings Playhouse: Visitors will not need a Vax Pass to visit the Gallery, or the building, but it will be required for any organized events (shows, meetings). For classes, Does not apply to individuals 18 years old or younger participating in youth group activities and classes (spectators must be vaccinated). If a group activity or class includes participants under age 19 and over age 19, proof-of-vaccination is required for all participants. Initially, you will need to show proof using your government-issued vaccination record, along with a valid government-issued photo ID. In the coming weeks, Prince Edward Island will be introducing a proof of vaccination that features a secure QR code confirming you are fully vaccinated. Thank you for your ongoing diligence as we work to support our community through a safe return to gatherings.

Theatre PEI


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