Another Sketchy Xmas is only a day away! We open on Thursday. And close on Sunday. That’s four chances to see this whackamole show. Capacity is limited so make sure you get your tickets sooner than later.Mary IKassinda Bulger) and Joseph (Benton Hartley) are on their way to Bethlehem. But God wants warm bodies in the barn for the birth. So he sends the angel Gabriel (Richard Schroeter) out to drum up a crowd. He comes across a handful of lowly shepherds (Jay Gallant, Dylan Miller, Marli Trecartin) but has a challenging time trying to get them to understand exactly what’s about to happen. Will he get them to the barn on time? At the same time, the wisemen (Jacob Rollwage, Jordan Cameron, Noah Nazim, Kelly Caseley) are preparing to make their journey to witness the blessed event. But there’s something not quite right about one of the wise ones. Can they figure it out in time?And documenting the whole biblical story – and trying to find ways to add a bit more excitement to the tale – are the five gospel writers Matthew (Cameron MacDonald), Mark (Jacob Rollwage), Luke (Sam MacDonald), John (Graham Putnam), and of course Courtney (Lauren Thomson). Will the other gospel writers ever accept Courtney’s story ideas? Next time we’ll meet the residents of an apartment on Bayfield!! This and so much more, this weekend during Another Sketchy Xmas! Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights at 9pm at The Guild! Get your tickets for laughter!!

Theatre PEI


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