Singing Betty’s Praises

Have you heard what everyone is saying about Betty’s Song yet? The reviews are in and we are very excited about what the audience has to say!

“Betty’s Song was brilliant – and it’s all true! The pace was lovely. So funny and so sad – and that is what a great storyteller/songwriter can do! I intend to tell everyone I know.”

“First time at the Mack, enjoyed Betty’s Song very much. Excellent performance by Ashley Condon! Planning on seeing other shows in the future🙂

“We loved every minute of this production. Not only is Ashley a great songwriter/singer, she is a very talented storyteller.”

“Wonderful show! Both belly laughed and shed a few tears. Ashley took us on a wonderful life journey that many could see and feel commonalities in our own lived experience. Great job!!”

“We loved Betty’s Song. We are big fans of Ms. Condon’s music and were totally drawn into her story … brought us to tears at times and made us laugh as well. Great staff at The Mack too. No complaints … keep up the good work at this lovely venue! We may be back for the Hey Viola show.”

“This was an amazing play, and we really enjoy the setup with tables instead of rows of seats. It makes for an intimate setting and we try to catch a performance whenever we are in town.”

“I really enjoyed Betty’s Song at The Mack! The intimate table-style setting was perfect for this show.”

“Betty’s Song is a fabulous show!”

“We love attending events at the Mack. This one was special. Ashley’s performance and material was moving, funny, heart warming and home grown. What could be better? I recommend it to everyone and will!”

“Ashley Condon is an amazing entertainer! Her performance was excellent. Very touching but done in such a way that you didn’t get caught into a lot of emotion! She has the ability to stir up deep feedings! Loved her show.”

“Betty’s Song was delivered as if you are a part of a family listening to the family stories from an eccentric and zealous ‘aunt’. Funny, energetic, anything could happen stories. Delivered by a very talented woman.”

Make sure to get your tickets for Betty’s Song this summer at the Charlottetown Festival!

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