Out of the Drawer

Actor Rahul Gandhi to play Miles in The Drawer Boy
Montreal based actor Rahul Gandhi travels to PEI for the 2nd time this year, this time to play the role of Miles in The Drawer Boy at Watermark Theatre in North Rustico. He previously appeared at the same venue in Kitbag Theatre’s production of Lungs in April. The Drawer Boy by Michael Healey will be performed at Watermark from August 9th to September 3rd. We spoke to Rahul about the upcoming part.
Q: How did you get cast in the play?
A self tape from my kitchen! Theatre is such a wonderful community effort– I was asked to read while rehearsing for Kitbag Theatre’s production of Lungs earlier this year, by Robert Tsonos, AD of the Watermark, and he said something like “Oh we’ll have maybe 15 or 20 people read” and so I thought nothing of it: “no way I’d be cast”. That let me free up my choices with no pressure, and I am very happy that they appreciated my tape!
Q: Tell us about the play and what it means to you?
The Drawer Boy is a story of friendship, honesty, and the pursuit of storytelling. I always say that Theatre is self-referential, and this is no exception! This play makes me proud to be a Canadian artist and to lend myself to Canadian storytelling!
Q: What about the character you’re playing? What’s he all about?
Miles is a twenty-something year old, doe-eyed, eager actor from the big city (Toronto in this case). He’s staying with Angus and Morgan to learn about farming so he can make up a play with his collective about it! It’s fun that he is so out of his element– I’m a young actor from Montreal and so we have a few things in common: getting out of the big city to put on a play!
Q: This will be your second time performing at Watermark Theatre. It’s such an intimate venue. What’s it like for you?
The Watermark is such a great space to perform in! The intimacy of it lends itself to a feeling of connection with the audience, with the thrust stage and seating just feet away. Having an opportunity to perform in the space again is a pleasure, and I cannot wait to continue to explore and create.
Q: Looking forward to spending 7 weeks in PEI?
YES! My short time in PEI earlier this year left such a lasting impression on me, and I am so excited to see it in the summer. While I’ll miss Montreal, I feel PEI will be a great retreat.
Ticket prices for The Drawer Boy range from $15 to $32 and can be purchased at www.ticketwizard.ca or by calling the box office at 902-963-3963.
Watermark Theatre’s Mandate
Located in North Rustico, PEI, on land that is the traditional unceded territory of the Mi’Kmaq, the Watermark Theatre is a professional theatre company that produces time-honoured plays, as well as contemporary plays that resonate with our times.
As a company we are led by the principles of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility and commit to incorporating these core values in everything we do.
We prioritize environmental stewardship and sustainability.
The Watermark Theatre is dedicated to the development of the next generation of theatre artists and arts administrators through mentorship and professional training.
In all of our programming we strive for artistic excellence while endeavouring to inform, affect, and engage our audience and our community.
For more information please contact Lara Dias at 902-963-3963 or admin@watermarktheatre.com

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