Welcome to My Living Room

This show features a group of friends who first started playing together at a bootleggers in North Rustico, just down the road from the Watermark Theatre over 20 years ago. Every Tuesday night from September to June, a group of musicians would gather to play tunes and sing songs. It was an ever changing cast of characters but out of that group, a core of friends have continued to get together to have some fun and play music! We played whatever someone in the group wanted to play and the music ranged from folk to country, rock, pop, jazz, bluegrass, traditional and more. 

Welcome To My Living Room is presented by Rob Oakie and includes a wonderful cast of fellow musicians, both full-time and part-timers, who continue to get together to play for for the joy of making music. They are Dave Wigmore, Nick Gauthier, Cynthia MacLeod, Rich Knox, Mindy Walker, Amanda MacGuigan, Laura Oakie, Leonard McEwen, Tian Wigmore, Wil McGonegal and Rob Oakie. Some of the songs you’ll hear range from the Band to the Grateful Dead, Crystal Gayle, Feist, Jimi Hendrix some fiddle tunes and some bluegrass along with a smattering of originals.

Theatre PEI


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