Making Artistic Spaces Safer

About the event

September 25th

1-4 pm

Art shifts reality, it’s infectious, and unapologetic in how it changes prerogatives, perspectives, and people.

All art spaces should be common grounds for anti-oppression, trauma-informed practices, and community growth. But sometimes community fails itself, and needs (re)direction.

Join our amazing facilitators, Jaime Griffin with PEI Women’s Network and Evelyn Bradley with Beyond the Brim Consulting as they take us through a three hour training session on building, and maintaining safer artistic spaces.

Safer Artistic Spaces was created by The Dandelion Initiative in response to the normalized patterns of sexism, harassment, and violence experienced by women and trans people in creative arts spaces.

Their content was developed by industry professionals, gender-based violence prevention experts, and survivors. Their unique and specific content blends survivor-centred education with industry-specific intervention skills, creating opportunities for meaningful and culture change that is specific to Hospitality and Creative Arts spaces and workplaces.

Safer Artistic Spaces was developed in 2017 and is a unique and artist-specific training created to develop core competencies in gender-based violence prevention and response for artists, musicians, venues, bookers, record labels, festivals and other creative arts/live music spaces.

The Dandelion Initiative will be closing its doors on December 2022, and we are grateful for their knowledge sharing and capacity building, as we move forward with this crucial work.

For free tickets

Or call the Guild Box office 9026203333.

Theatre PEI


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