Raising the Funds

Fundraiser at Confederation Centre of the Arts Raises $14,600 for Hurricane Relief

– Proceeds will go to the United Way of P.E.I. for distribution throughout Atlantic Canada –

Atlantic Canadians came together at Confederation Centre of the Arts on October 17 for a community-centric night of music with national phenomenon Choir! Choir! Choir! to raise funds for Hurricane Fiona relief. 

Sweet Relief: A Fiona Fundraiser Sing-Along featured performances from Poet Laureate of Prince Edward Island Julie Pellissier-Lush, Island musician Joce Reyome, and singer-songwriter Joel Plaskett. Other East Coasters tuned in via video message, including Tara MacLeanJenn GrantJonathan Torrens, and Alan Doyle

“We are very grateful to everyone who came out or donated from afar, and to the people behind the scenes who made this fundraiser happen so quickly and smoothly,” says Choir! Choir! Choir! creative directors Nobu Adilman and Daveed Goldman. “Thank you for welcoming us into your amazing community at such a tender time.”

Adilman and Goldman led the audience in rousing performances of classic songs, like “Here Comes the Sun”, “Lean on Me”, and “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. 

The event, and its accompanying online auction, raised $14,600 for the United Way of Prince Edward Island. The funds will be distributed to United Way chapters across Atlantic Canada. 

“Coming together to sing was a real boost to the community at a time when the United Way is focusing on mobilizing 40 P.E.I. organizations for emergency response,” says Andrea MacDonald, CEO of the United Way of Prince Edward Island. “We know that the only way we can recover is to create new partnerships, and working with Confederation Centre of the Arts is a great example of that spirit.”

The Centre’s CEO Steve Bellamy adds, “We are grateful to the artists who contributed their talents and time to help Atlantic Canadians after Fiona. A thank you goes out to the corporate partners who provided prizes for the online auction, volunteers who gave their time, and everyone who donated to this worthy cause. It was an honour to host this event.”

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