An Exciting New Time

The Victoria Playhouse Board of Directors is excited to announce the appointment of Johanna Nutter as Artistic Director. Ms. Nutter is no stranger to the Victoria Playhouse having first performed alongside Bill McFadden in Trying in 2007, directed by founding Artistic Director Erskine Smith. In 2010, the Playhouse became the first theatre to present a full run of Johanna’s award-winning show My Pregnant Brother. She is a nationally recognized theatre creator who has performed on stages across Canada and Europe in both English and French. She’s known for authentic storytelling and surprising collaborations. In her words:

I’m deeply grateful to the Playhouse for this opportunity to dedicate myself to the theatre that raised me. Erskine gave me a chance when few others would and his trust and guidance helped me flourish as an artist. In Victoria by the Sea, and across the Island, I’ve met people full of heart and talent who welcome everyone with humour and grace. I look forward to serving our community, learning what we most need to share, and helping to get that on stage. 

Darcy Gorman, President of the Victoria Playhouse Board of Directors, had this to say:

I am thrilled that Johanna is the new Artistic Director for the Victoria Playhouse. One need only speak to Johanna for a few moments to feel her passion for our little theatre company. Johanna’s experience, dedication, and vision will bring magic to the stage that will delight new and old audience members alike. Please join us at the theatre for this exciting new chapter.

We’re jumping in with both feet and there’s something special planned for the holiday season, so please stay tuned…

Theatre PEI


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