Reactivating Arts Careers

Sharing for all our artists out there, because we all know it’s been a heck of a few years!

If you work in live performing arts in Canada and you have financial stress or setback, visit or call 1-888-337-7834 for help.

The AFC Reactivation Program serves performing arts technicians; production professionals; theatre, comedy and circus performers; and other live performance professionals. You can be employed and apply.

The AFC Reactivation Program provides financial support for expenses such as:

» Basic living expenses like rent or bills, debt or expenses due to the pandemic

» Training fees

» Licenses or certifications costs

» Equipment purchase or rental

» Other expenses related to your work

The program is run by The AFC, and funded by the Government of Canada, Canadian Heritage, Performing Arts Workers Resilience Fund (CPAWRF).

Theatre PEI


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