In Front of the Camera

Join us at the Guild for a five-week session on acting for film and television. Let this class be a jumping-off point for creative fulfillment and growth as an individual. We offer stimulating thought-provoking acting workshops that will give you a base from which to further develop your outlook on both your professional and personal life. We will delve into many aspects of an actor’s training. Beginning with understanding the space around us and how our physical bodies take up and influence that space.

Classes meet every Tuesday evening from 6 PM to 7:30 PM April 11th to May 9th or every Wednesday evening from 6 PM to 7:30 PM April 12th to May 10th.

Our goal is to offer a positive space where judgment is relegated to the sidelines, a space where you are free to be yourself with no fear. This will continue to be a judgment-free, inclusive, positive arena, where expectations are few and outside-the-box thinking is encouraged.

For adults 18+…

Class Description:

A person walking across the road is just that until we examine their gait, and tilt of the head, where their focus is among many other physical cues. From that information we can infer many aspects of this person, are they happy, in a hurry, relaxed, etc.? That in a nutshell is what an actor does. Through the adopted physical characteristics they employ, they convey the essence of a character.

That is where this course begins, reaching deep into acting exercises that will open a new appreciation of who we are and how we interact with each other. Our five-day, ninety-minute courses will take you from a standing start to working with others, through improvisation, and learning to listen earnestly, all while building your self-esteem and confidence. Your tools are your body and your voice and we will train you to use both in an effective way, whether you pursue acting as a profession or simply want to feel more confident in your everyday life.

About the instructor:

Carl Marotte is an actor with over thirty years of experience in the profession. A graduate of the renowned Professional Actors Program of Dawson College in Montreal.

His credits run the gamut from actor to director, producer, and even on occasion as a stunt performer. His many credits include the lead role in the CBC/Radio Canada television series “He shoots He scores”, for which he was nominated for a “Gemini” award. He was again nominated a few years later for best-supporting actor in the tv movie “Networth”. He also had the starring role in the USA network series “Beyond Reality” co-starring Shari Belafonte.

After a season at the Shaw Festival in Niagara on the Lake, he moved to Toronto where he landed the title role in the Brad Fraser play “Wolfboy” co-starring his friend Keanu Reeves.

A selection of his credits includes:

“Ice Bound” where he had the fortune to work with Susan Sarandon

“One Kill” Carl got to meet and work with one of his heroes Sam Shepard

“The Mighty” with Sharon Stone

“When justice fails” with the wonderful Marlee Matlin

“Ultimate Weapon” co-starring with Hulk Hogan

“To Carl Marotte…thank you for showing me how noble and excellent acting could be” -Keanu Reeves, Canada’s walk of fame induction speech

Theatre PEI


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