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Creatures Come to Guild Gallery

You may have seen some of Ashley Anne Clark’s work popping up around town over the past few years. She is an island-based Artist with a BFA from Concordia University that works in a variety of mediums and subjects. This time she has taking on the challenge of researching and drawing over 60 species of Nocturnal Animals.


Creatures of the Night: A Study of Nocturnal Beings is a show exploring the worlds and personalities of these unusual animals. There are over 80 different types of Nocturnal Animals living around the world. Though some of these creatures are quite familiar to us such as a raccoons, lions and bats others are not talked about as regularly like the Ocilla or the Aardvark. Clark says, “By focusing solely on nocturnal animals, I can bring forth species that often-go unseen and are easily over looked or forgotten.”

During this time of year when the days are short and the nights are long, we can all start to see characteristics of these animals within ourselves and understand the vast differences between the light and the night. “I am always aspiring to bring to my audience the nostalgic feeling of discovery. Through my drawings I seek to shed a light on these night dwellers and encourage people to educate themselves on their relationship to nature.”

This show will be up at the Guild Gallery from December 6th to January 2nd.