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Get to the Glory Hole at the Guild

Glory Hole: The Sexy Sex Art Show opens at the Gallery at the Guild in
Charlottetown from 7 to 9 pm on Wednesday, November 8 th .
Laura Chapin, Susana Rutherford, Dave Stewart and Jenni Zelin are the co-curators of the multi-
artist exhibit. In a release, the curators note that the show aims to positively and playfully
celebrate sexuality through diverse perspectives and mediums. It focuses on its “exciting, silly,
messy, inspirational and creative aspects”.
Over by the Car
“It’s a matter of being able to participate in something the artists believe in,” says Rutherford.
“Sex is something we still get very much hung up about, but it’s one of the fundamental aspects
of being human for most of us. To talk about it, to create artwork that reflects it, is to invite
conversation and reaction, but we’re aiming to keep that all very much in the positive.”
“The Sexy Sex Art Show, the subtitle of the show, says it all,” adds Zelin. “It indicates its playful
nature, and it lets people know what the theme of the exhibit is, so anyone who might be
offended by the topic is forewarned. We’ve made a point of stressing that in all our
communications about the show.”
More than twenty Island artists are participating in the show. Some are free to exhibit under
their names, while others will use pseudonyms or exhibit anonymously.
“Really, what we’re hoping for here,” Rutherford concludes, “is to give artists a challenge in
expressing this theme, and to give viewers an entertaining, and hopefully thought-provoking
tour of a key piece of the human experience.”
Admission to the exhibition is free, and adult accompaniment is recommended for children 14
and under. The show runs through Saturday, December 2.

Raised On TV

Raised on TV is what happens when television and theatre collide.

This multimedia theatrical event explores how television has changed and how television has changed us.


Through sketches and homage led by Island directors (including Samantha Bruce, Cameron Bennett-MacDonald, Rob MacDonald, Marieve McGregor, Greg Stapleton, Dave Stewart, and Rod Weatherbie), retro commercial breaks, and theme songs, Raised on TV wants to reveal the medium of television and everything it represents: the good, the bad, the tawdry, the commercial, the uplifting.

By show’s end, the audience will have laughed so hard their bellies hurt and they will leave the theatre feeling a giddy nostalgia…reflecting on the serious, silly, and absurd moments on television that influenced who we are today.

Raised on TV is at The Guild February 24 and 25 at 8 PM.

A Musical Mess Up at the Guild

An obsession with Debbie Harry of Blondie turns awkward during a meeting after a concert. The sweet and sour notes of a father teaching his daughter how to play guitar. A musical mess up at a small town beauty pageant nets a prize. Do musical tastes predict compatibility in love?


Seven people will share how music has helped shape their lives in ‘Playlist’: Dave Atkinson, Laurie Brinklow, Lindsay Carroll, Laura Chapin, Gordon Cobb, Lori Mayne and Dave Stewart.

“I ran a similar show in Prince Rupert, BC for three years when I was living out there,’ says ‘Playlist’ producer and participant Laura Chapin. ‘It became a very popular event that I was sure would work here.” The main difference with the PEI monologue show is that a theme focused around music has been added, giving the program a through line and a subject for the participants to work with.

“Our first read -throughs were such a delight, with one piece echoing another in small but surprising ways,’ says Chapin. ‘I think everyone came away from the rehearsal feeling pretty excited. We can’t wait to share this show. And I think people will come away from this show thinking about what music has meant to their lives too.”

Proceeds from the 90-minute show on May 14 at 8 PM will go to support PEI Literacy Allianceʼs Summer Tutoring Program for Kids