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Descendants at the Guild

New Beginnings Ministries (Dartmouth) has teamed up with Broadway In The HOOD (Las Vegas) to bring to life a wonderful new intimate musical about the unlikely pairing of two Americans, from two different worlds, whose lives helped pave the way for racial harmony in Canada in the 1800’s. “Descendants: A Musical History Lesson” is proud to make its world premier November 2017, with a limited engagement tour of selected provinces in Canada!
 Shared Values
Descendants: A Musical History Lesson, by the authors Deidre Thompson and Torrey Russell, is a haunting rags to riches tragedy depicting the fictitious tale of Edmund Fanning and David Sheppard, told throughthe eyes of George “Buddy” Sheppard, an 80 year old descendant of David Sheppard. Fanning, a white Loyalist, after being forced out of North Carolina, finds himself escaping lynching as he flees to New York City only to stumble right in the path of the Underground Railroad. Edmund along the way encounters David Sheppard, a runaway slave, who ultimately ends up saving Fanning’s life as they both escape to New York City. As the years pass David and Edmund form an unlikely friendship, but slavery remained consistent. From New York to Nova Scotia skin color remained the boundary that kept these two worlds apart. Descendants is at the Guild on December 1st at 7 PM.