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21st Century Tintypes Capture Time and Place

Many visitors to last year’s Art in the Open festival will remember Karen Stentaford‘s travelling photo studio, which was located at Government Pond. The Sackville-based photographer, an instructor at Mount Allison University, spent eight hours demonstrating the 19th century tintype technique and took pictures of dozens of visitors using a now-rare photographic process. The results of this work will feature as part of a survey of Stentaford’s photography at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery entitled Island Types, now open in the Entrance Gallery as part of the RBC Emerging Artist Series.


“The response to Karen Stentaford’s work was incredibly positive in Charlottetown,” says Gallery Curator Pan Wendt, “and we decided to give her a show that demonstrates the range of her practice. It will not only give insight into the various experiments that the artist is making with photographic techniques, but it will be exciting to now see on the gallery walls what she produced here on P.E.I. last summer.”

Stentaford, originally from Newfoundland but now teaching photography at her alma mater in Sackville, N.B., is interested in using archaic and experimental techniques to capture a sense of place. The work on display in Island Types is culled from her travels to various islands – Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and Iceland – and combines portraiture and landscape. Stentaford’s work uses a variety of techniques and materials ranging from archaic tintypes to digital photography to glass-based negatives. She will even be displaying a series of photographs developed in salt water.

The Art Gallery is open Monday-Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.