On a First Name Basis Sparkles at the Victoria Playhouse


This witty and charming comedy by Norm Foster, impeccably brought to life by Martha Irving and Lee J. Campbell, will get you laughing and leave you thinking.


Norm Foster Back Better Than Ever


Starring Lee J. Campbell and Martha Irving.
Twenty-eight years ago, successful spy novelist David Kilbride employed Ms. Hopperstaad as his housekeeper…  and tonight, he’ll finally learn her first name.
“The play is laugh-out-loud funny and hold your breath tense in places”
The Orangeville Citizen
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Waking Up to Bedtime Stories

From the popular and talented community theatre troupe who brought us Calendar Girls, Whose Wives Are They, Anyway?, and most recently, Lights, Camera, Island!

Bedtime Stories is a zany comedy that brings together six funny and touching tales presented as loosely related vignettes, featuring playwright Norm Foster’s signature comedic debacles laced with mild sexual innuendo.


These “bedtime stories” won’t put you to sleep – you’ll be laughing too hard! A cavalcade of characters with their stories linked by a late night radio contest, a rock and roll concert, a taxi and, of course, a bed. The giggles begin with the opening vignette where Eddie the DJ coaches a middle-aged couple, to “make whoopie” on live radio for $5000, followed by to two old high school friends poignantly reconnecting at the death bed of one, and an odd-couple-style break-and-enter duo who fumble their way through a hilarious burglary attempt.

Then on to shock rocker Tommy Quick who, despite being well past his prime, has to fend off one very adoring fan. Next, an eager yet clumsy exotic dancer is about to hear some unfortunate news from her boss. The final laugh features a pair of funny movers, a directionally-challenged cab driver, and a couple who might be able to repair the hurts of their past.

Bedtime Stories is at the Harbourfront Theatre.


Friday, May 12, 7:30 pm
Saturday, May 13, 7:30 pm
Sunday, May 14, 2:00 pm (special Mother’s Day matinee!)
Friday, May 19, 7:30 pm
Saturday, May 20, 7:30 pm

All Seats $18.50, fees included.

What’s in a Name?

Twenty-eight years ago, successful spy novelist David Kilbride employed Ms. Hopperstaad as his housekeeper … and tonight, he’ll finally learn her first name.


While she knows all there is to know about him, David realizes he knows nothing about the woman who has spent every day for almost three decades in his home. He decides the time has come to get to know her better. Over wine and scotch and more scotch, confessions are made, witty barbs are exchanged, and a friendship is forged.

A new play from a perennial favourite on the Victoria Playhouse stage, this is Norm Foster at his funny and insightful best. On A First Name Basis pairs smart, witty dialogue with well-rounded characters and the result is intelligent and laugh-out-loud funny.

“Witty repartee that proves that comedy can still be smart and sparkling.” – Artsforum.ca

“Funny and enthralling. A phenomenal script.” – Wellington Advertiser

“Foster strikes a chord with audiences all over the English-speaking world due to his striking sense of compassionate realism.”
– Halifax Chronicle Herald

On A First Name Basis by Norm Foster is at the Victoria Playhouse August 5th through September 3rd.

Buzzing About the Melville Boys

“The sell-out crowd clearly and audibly enjoyed the show and was hugely appreciative. After the performance, I walked past little groups of theatre-goers happily strolling through the streets of Victoria. Conversations I eavesdropped on were all positive.”


“The Melville Boys is already looking like a hit.”

Ivy Wigmore for The Buzz

The Melville Boys by Norm Foster plays at the Victoria Playhouse through July 30.


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