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Raised On TV (The New Season)

February 15, 2019 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm at The Guild
Raised on TV takes some of our favourite television shows, adds a little twist, and presents them live on stage. And this year, RoTV is all-Canadian content, because it’s easy for us to forget just how much fantastic television has come, and continues to come, from Canada.

Now in its third season, the directors were once again given certain rules to follow such as set pieces, scene length, and most importantly strict faithfulness to the dialogue. Beyond that they have complete freedom to interpret their material in any way that inspires them, creating not only unexpected, laugh-out-loud moments, but a unique night of entertainment with a completely Canadian twist. Adam Gauthier, Richard Haines, Dana Doucette, and Gordon Cobb have each taken on the task of casting and directing two Canadian shows each and will be working with Mariève MacGregor to ready them for the stage.

Raised on TV: WE ARE CANADIAN promises to have a something for everyone, with just the right amount of light-hearted fun that’s needed as dead of winter sets in. So sit back, put down the remote, kick up your feet, and get ready for Raised on Television: WE ARE CANADIAN!

Raised on TV: WE ARE CANADIAN is performed February 15 and 16 at The Guild. Doors open at 7:30 with the show starting at 8:00. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased through The Guild box office (online or at the door). For more information, contact Grace Kimpinski at rotvpei@gmail.com

Raised On TV

Raised on TV is what happens when television and theatre collide.

This multimedia theatrical event explores how television has changed and how television has changed us.


Through sketches and homage led by Island directors (including Samantha Bruce, Cameron Bennett-MacDonald, Rob MacDonald, Marieve McGregor, Greg Stapleton, Dave Stewart, and Rod Weatherbie), retro commercial breaks, and theme songs, Raised on TV wants to reveal the medium of television and everything it represents: the good, the bad, the tawdry, the commercial, the uplifting.

By show’s end, the audience will have laughed so hard their bellies hurt and they will leave the theatre feeling a giddy nostalgia…reflecting on the serious, silly, and absurd moments on television that influenced who we are today.

Raised on TV is at The Guild February 24 and 25 at 8 PM.