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Get Your Buzz On

There are just 12 more performances of The Birds & The Bees by Mark Crawford.  Don’t miss your chance to see the show that everyone’s talking about!


Casandra Bernard, reviewer for The Buzz, loved to and we think you will too! The Birds and the Bees is at the Victoria Playhouse through July 30th.

Hilarious at the Victoria

“The Birds & The Bees is a must see play whose themes of love, sex, life, relationships and plans are interwoven in an engaging plot whose dialoge is at once modern for a young audience yet traditional for older playgoers. The actors’ performances were top tier at the preview we attended. Our chance visit to the Victoria Playhouse while traveling through the Maritimes has been our good fortune.”– Susan and Rob Ranta, Gloucester, MA “We were to see The Birds & The Bees last night and we loved it. It was our first time to Victoria Playhouse but it will not be our last. The show was fantastic and we are still laughing about it today. I would recommend everyone going to see this show. Great evening out.” – Shelley R., Summerside, PEI

Birds and Bees Tackle Love, Family, and Sex

Sarah, a turkey farmer, has just left her husband and moved back home to live with her mom Gail. Gail’s a divorced beekeeper and she has other things to worry about—like why her honeybees are dropping dead.


Then there’s Earl: Gail’s neighbour, farm tenant, and the ex-husband of Gail’s ex-husband’s new wife. In these past twenty years, he’s been keeping himself mighty busy with the ladies, but Gail has just never really got back on that horse…so to speak. And finally, there’s Ben: a naive 23-year-old Masters student, here to study the collapsing bee colonies. He’s about to get a big lesson in pollination…if you know what we mean.

The Birds and the Bees tackles sex, love, science, family, and the artificial insemination of turkeys. It is a boisterous comedy with brains… and a huge, honeyed heart.

The Birds and the Bees by Mark Crawford is at the Victoria Playhouse June 22 – July 30.

“The Birds and The Bees starts out as a wild and wooly sex farce but deepens to touch the heart in equal measure with the funny bone.” – Reid Between The Lines

“Belly laugh after belly laugh in this outstanding, warm-hearted comedy that confirms Mark Crawford as one of this country’s finest up-and-coming- playwrights.” -London Free Press