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Making Artistic Spaces Safer

About the event

September 25th

1-4 pm

Art shifts reality, it’s infectious, and unapologetic in how it changes prerogatives, perspectives, and people.

All art spaces should be common grounds for anti-oppression, trauma-informed practices, and community growth. But sometimes community fails itself, and needs (re)direction.

Join our amazing facilitators, Jaime Griffin with PEI Women’s Network and Evelyn Bradley with Beyond the Brim Consulting as they take us through a three hour training session on building, and maintaining safer artistic spaces.

Safer Artistic Spaces was created by The Dandelion Initiative in response to the normalized patterns of sexism, harassment, and violence experienced by women and trans people in creative arts spaces.

Their content was developed by industry professionals, gender-based violence prevention experts, and survivors. Their unique and specific content blends survivor-centred education with industry-specific intervention skills, creating opportunities for meaningful and culture change that is specific to Hospitality and Creative Arts spaces and workplaces.

Safer Artistic Spaces was developed in 2017 and is a unique and artist-specific training created to develop core competencies in gender-based violence prevention and response for artists, musicians, venues, bookers, record labels, festivals and other creative arts/live music spaces.

The Dandelion Initiative will be closing its doors on December 2022, and we are grateful for their knowledge sharing and capacity building, as we move forward with this crucial work.

For free tickets

Or call the Guild Box office 9026203333.

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World Premier Ending Soon

We are down to our final four performances of The Workd Premiere Production of “the two Horse Wpmen” Starring Robin Craig and Judy Marshak. Directed by Kate Lynch.

The Guild’s World Premiere production of this new comedy by award-winning Canadian actor/playwright Robin Craig. Two veteran theatre actors come to grips with the state of their careers as they not only share a dressing room, but also the most challenging role of their lives. Laugh out loud with these two great dames of Canadian theatre, as they put one hoof in front of the other, and gallop toward friendship and vindication.

For tickets call 9026203333 or visit our website at


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The Two Horse Women is Here

Thank you to the amazing Doug Gallant for the review of this great piece of theatre at The Guild.

“Unless you’ve worked in the theatre at some point in your life chances are you don’t know what really happens backstage in the dressing room.

The dressing room is a world unto itself.

On the surface it’s a sanctuary of sorts where actors, frequently elbow to elbow, apply their make-up, get into costume and often review their scripts before going out there to make the magic happen.

But it’s much more than that.

In Robin Craig’s absolutely delightful new comedy The Two Horsewomen, which had its world premiere at The Guild Friday night, you find out how much more.

Craig’s brilliantly crafted and insightful script, inspired in part by her own 50 +year career in theatre and television, reveals the secondary role of the dressing room as a place for actors to vent.

With co-star Judy Marshak, whose decades long friendship with Craig has seen them share the stage more than once, Craig reflects on the ups and downs of the actors life.

They talk about the roles they got that helped define their careers, the roles they didn’t get but should have and the roles they want.

But they also reflect on a situation many women in theatre and film find themselves in when they reach a certain age, the good roles become increasingly harder to find and competition for those roles is stiff.

They often find themselves cast in roles they believe are beneath them but the harsh economic reality of the theatre dictates they can’t really say no.

In The Two Horsewomen the accomplished actors played by Craig and Marshak find themselves cast as either end of a dancing horse.

It’s a crushing blow to an actor’s ego but work is work and money is money.

It’s humiliating for an actor and almost drives Marshak’s character to pack it in but they ultimately stick it out make the best of it.

The script is hilarious and Craig and Marshak will have you chucking, snorting and guffawing for the duration.

Loved Lori Hickling’s set and costume design and Kate Lynch’s direction.

And I must add a nod to Nathaniel Ing and Jennifer Arsenault who turned the set changes into their own little bit of clever business.

The Two Horsewomen is a first class effort showcasing two women at the top of their craft.

If you get the chance to see it you really should.”

Doug Gallant

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Provoking a Thought

Restrict is one of the many thought provoking pieces on display in The Gallery @ The Guild.

Multi-media artist, Sarah Noonan, and Painter, Erica Beyea have collaborated to create the Twists & Turns exhibit, exploring big changes that have gone on in their lives in recent years.

Stop in and experience their stories before it’s too late! Twist & Turns runs now until July 25.

📍 111 Queen Street, Charlottetown, PE

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