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What Happened Here?


Exploring Abandoned Houses with Tony Gallant and the Grade 11/12 English Class at Immanuel Christian School.

The Grade 11/12 English class at Immanuel Christian School partnered with PEI photographer Tony Gallant this past September and October in a project called ”What Happened Here?” The students visited abandoned houses at several different locations on the island, accompanied by Tony, trying to discover what had, in fact, happened there, causing these homes to be abandoned. Students then were given the task of writing a story based on the photos they had taken of these houses and locations. These stories are works of fiction that they have written and invented themselves. Tony was an excellent expert for the class as he has a keen interest in abandoned houses and has taken many photographs of these places himself, including showcasing his work in a published book entitled ”Door to the Past: Abandoned Properties of Prince Edward Island.”

The English students are pleased to be showcasing their work – their photographs and their stories – along with a display of Tony’s work at The Guild from February 5th -16th.

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Opening Doors to the Past

Tony Gallant is a freelance photographer with a keen interest in documenting local history. He has lived most of his life in Prince County at the western end of Canada’s smallest province and birthplace of Confederation, Prince Edward Island.


In 2012 Tony began documenting properties that have been abandoned – and continue to disappear from the landscape. He describes these dilapidated old houses, barns and buildings as “little time capsules dotted all across our Island.”

Tony and his wife Judy live on a three-acre woodlot in Brockton and have raised four children: Cory, Jamie, Amy Lynn, and Tyler.

Mr. Gallant’s show Door to the Past opens at The Guild on August 10th.