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Putting the Victoria Playhouse Under Your Tree

For every theatre and live music lover on your Christmas list…


Two ways to put 

Victoria Playhouse under the tree!

The Victoria Playhouse Flex Pass. Four tickets to any of our Festival Season plays or concerts. Make a theatre lover very happy this Christmas and save almost 20% off the regular admission price.
New and just in time for the Holidays, our Gift Voucher for Two! Two admissions to any of our Festival Season plays or concerts. Give your favourite couple a night of entertainment in beautiful Victoria by the Sea. 

Not Quite Sherlock Finds Itself


Not Quite Sherlock: The Case of the Deceptive Detective

Dust off your deerstalkers and pull out your pipes. Sherlock Holmes is (not quite) coming to Victoria Playhouse!
Chris Gibbs is back and better than ever with his hilarious one-man play about Victorian London’s most overlooked detective. But there’s more: Not Quite Sherlock is also a ridiculous comedy about an ex-street-performing comedian attempting to do a one-man comedy play about Victorian London’s most overlooked detective.
With wit, charm, timing, and almost no respect for the rules of theatre, Chris Gibbs creates a simple, hilarious theatrical experience unlike any other.
“Gibbs’ performance as the witless and self-deprecating Barnaby is near flawless. His martini-dry wit is characteristically sharp, in both script and performance, and his comic timing is beautiful.” – Joff Schmidt, CBC
“Clueless, guileless and absolutely priceless.” – Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal
“a highly skilled, confident comic actor whose writing is unrelentingly clever and whimsical” – Adrian Chamberlain, Victoria Times Columnist
Not Quite Sherlock is at the Victoria Playhouse September 13 – 17.

Tribute to Erskine Smith On Tap

Erskine Smith was the founding Artistic director of the Victoria Playhouse and a much-loved Island storyteller.

Even though Erskine never heard of the group The Four Tellers, the Four Tellers have all heard of him, and of his passion and gift for storytelling. Two of them, Alan Buchanan and David Weale, performed with him on many occasions and counted him as a friend.


In this tribute show The Four Tellers will be recalling with affection, and repeating, what they remember of Erskine’s stories, and supplementing them with their own.

The Four Tellers are of four generations – David Weale, Alan Buchanan, Gary Evans and Denny King – and they have been performing to sold-out crowds at the Kings Playhouse in Georgetown for three summers.

Their shows recreate the Island tradition of individuals sitting around a kitchen table telling stories, with one drawing the next, like tissues out of a box. You thought that had disappeared? Not quite. It is alive and well in this unique show.

The Four Tellers are alternately poignant, and hilarious, and will entertain you in a way you’ve never been entertained before.

The Tellers are at the Victoria Playhouse September 8 – 10.