Racoon Bandit Releases New Songs

 Racoon Bandit set to Celebrate 10th Anniversary 

Indie-rockers to release new split single; birthday show July 6th 

Charlottetown scene favourites Racoon Bandit – featuring former Confederation Centre Communications Director Fraser MacCallum – celebrating 10 years as a group this summer and are poised to release two new singles. 


To mark a decade of Island indie-rock, Racoon Bandit are releasing a split single of new songs – ‘Tattered Star’ and ‘Modern Life’ – with music videos for each. On Friday July 6, the group will also hit the deck at Fishbone’s for an “old school burner of a pub show”, including songs from all four of their self-produced releases. Rising star songwriter Alicia Toner and her band will kick off the night at 11 p.m. with a set of folk-rock gems from Toner’s award-winning album, I Learned the Hard Way. 

‘Modern Life’ and ‘Tattered Star’ will be released on July 3 and 5, respectively, via iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp. Music videos for both singles have been created by P.E.I.’s Chris Robison (Farmhouse Creative Labs; sound editor, Freaks & Geeks documentary) and will be released on these same dates. 

The Bandit’s new tracks were produced by Colin Buchanan at The Hill Sound Studio in Charlottetown. Says the producer, “For me, ‘Modern Life’ and ‘Tattered Star’ perfectly represent the two distinct identities of Racoon Bandit. Brash but angelic (‘Modern Life’) and classic but not ancestral (‘Tattered Star’).” 

Buchanan continues, “Recording just two singles really put focus on finding the right sounds for each song. As for which is the ‘A-side’ and which is the B? We’ll let the listener decide.” 

The group is comprised of Fraser McCallum, Roger Carter, Adam Gallant, and Buchanan. In the vein of East Coast stalwarts Sloan and Thrush Hermit, the Bandits share song-writing and vocal duties, bringing a varied sound and dynamic performance to both their records and the stage. 

Racoon Bandit will also perform July 9 in Saint John, New Brunswick in Market Square for East Coast Music Mondays. 

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