Reactivating the Arts

The AFC’s Reactivation Program. 

This program puts one-time direct financial aid payments of up to $2,500 in the hands of independent/gig workers in the performing arts including theatre, comedy and circus performers, technicians and production personnel. The AFC’s Reactivation Program has been mandated by the Department of Canadian Heritage to serve live performance workers outside the province of Quebec. Heritage has funded a similar program for Quebec residents.

We’d like MANY more people to know about it and apply. 

The program has delivered $2.7 million in financial aid to members of our live performance community so far but we’ve been allocated $17 million by the Government of Canada to help members of our community and we really need to get that out to people by March 31, 2023. 

Even though many in the live performance community are now back to work, SO many in people our sector took a huge hit financially and career-wise and it’s a hole that we’re just beginning to climb out of. People in our sector have emerged from the pandemic in a weakened state and the program we’re running is here to help with that. Even though someone might be working now, they should still apply if they drew down savings or built up debt or need help with managing extra costs that they no longer have the resources to deal with.

The portal at is open for applications now. 

Theatre PEI


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