The River Clyde Flock

The Flock was an adaptation of the March of the Crows for the 2020 Art In The Open . Art à ciel ouvert festival. Created by Megan Stewart, Ian McFarlane and Laura Stinson in association with The River Clyde Pageant. The Flock brought together an ensemble of stiltwalkers, puppeteers and musicians to create a raucous, massive and spectacular procession of crows, keeping the spirit of the original March alive during the covid-19 pandemic.We set up our studio in the Charlottetown Seaport, transforming it into a hub for puppet building, costume creation and rehearsals. We received incredible logistical & volunteer support from Art in the Open in the lead-up and during the event. On the night of the event, we processed through the streets of Charlottetown, making stops for scenes and public interactions before coming to roost at Victoria Park. We’ll be releasing a short documentary about The Flock on December 1st for Giving Tuesday!


Theatre PEI includes The Charlottetown Festival, The Guild, Harbourfront Theatre, The Island Fringe Festival, The Kings Playhouse, The River Clyde Pageant, Victoria Playhouse, Watermark Theatre, and Young at Heart

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